Project Investment Plan

(Minimalist Edition)

1. Background of the company 公司背景:
dnac Project Consultants (SK) Inc., formerly DTN Schmid Consultants Inc. founded in 1991/1992, nearly 30 years of professional history, committed to the global industrial/commercial/institutional and high density residential real estate project/design/construction management and development consulting.
dnac Project Consultants (SK) Inc. (前身是DTN Schmid Consultants Inc.) 始建于1992年,拥有近 30年专业历史,致力于全球范围内民用商业和工业等地产项目的的管理和开发。
Address 地址: 175 Woodbend, Waterloo, Ontario N2T 1G9
Company Website网址:

2. Previous projects: 以往项目
1) Regina & King St. , Waterloo, Ontario, Canada 大多伦多地区滑铁卢公寓楼

2) 125 Bayfield Street, Barrie, Ontario, Canada 加拿大安省Barrie公寓楼

3) MediClinik Reha Zentrum Spreewald, Germany 德国的医院

3. Investment Project Details: 项目投资概述

1)Investment project details, feasibility of the plan and assessment of investment schedule be released after initial meeting and NDA has been signed) 项目的可行性方案等属商业机密,如果投资者确实对本项目感兴趣,可以单独联系,我们将提供全部专业的本项目可行性方案。

2)Money invested into the development 投资方向
A: The investment in the planned development projects requires only initial investment, and other loans have been agreed upon by proper banking institutions such as Castle Rock Financial and The initial investment period is a minimum of one (1) year, from which investors may choose to extend it voluntarily. 所需投资仅仅是项目的初始投资或启动资金,项目所需的其它资金已有Castle Rock Financial筹集。初始投资为期一年,投资人可以自愿延长。
B: Investors’ principal does not need to be moved from their banking account as it will remain in the investor’s account. The investors’ bank will hold the investment amount for the duration of the investment period, similar to the issuance of a Letter of Credit (LOC). The investment bank will issue bonds and other investment funds. 投资者的投资本金不需要移动,仍将停留在原银行的原账户,银行在投资期间做冻结处理,和信用证的方式类似。融资银行将发行bond和投资基金。
C: Investment amount(s) depend on individual investors. 投资金额多少随投资者情况因人而异。

3) On-going Development Examples: 现在进行项目举例

A) High-density residential/retail/commercial development, Toronto, Ontario, Canada 多伦多高层民用商用综合大楼

B) Mid-rise residential condominium, Denver, CO, USA 低层公寓楼,美国丹佛

C) Upscale residential castle conversion, England (UK) 英国古堡改高档住宅

D) Single detached luxury homes in Orillia, Ontario 安省湖畔豪华独立屋

4. Return on Investment (ROI): 资金回报

For investors with initial funds the return on their investment comes from three sources: the first part of the return, approximately 9% (annual interest), comes directly from the real estate bank, the second part of the return, approximately 9% (annual interest), comes from the return of the project investment fund, and the third part of the return, approximately 9% (annual interest), comes from the return generated by the borrower’s borrowing funds. 对于初始资金的投资人来讲,简单地说其投资的回报来自三方面,第一部分大约9%(年息)的回报直接来自地产银行;第二部分大约9%(年息)的回报来自项目的回报;第三部分大约9%(年息)的回报来自借款人借贷资金产生的回报。汇总起来约30%或以上的高回报率高于业界的平均回报水平。

5. Risk control: 风险控制

Professional Project/Design/Construction Management by dnac Project Consultants (SK) Inc. and investment managed by Castle Rock Financial 有专业的地产项目专业的管理公司管理项目,加上专业的地产银行Castle Rock Financial管理资金,强强联手把投资风险降到最低,在业界同比安全性强。

联系地址:175 Woodbend Crescent, Waterloo, Ontario, N2T 1G9
电话:5197454672 (office) 2266060289(cell)
联系人:Dianel Schmit